The Get Together currently partners with 22 Houston-based ministries. Each month, our Featured and Elite Partner Ministries submit their most pressing needs to us to share with our network. If you can help with any of the needs then please respond with form at the bottom of the page. Here are the needs shared for this month:

  • Toilet paper and paper towels (qty: 10): “Need paper products to keep our house running and clean.”
  • Cleaning products (qty: 10): “Need all variety of cleaning products to keep our home sparkling.”
  • New pillows (qty: 5): “We like to provide new pillows to our newest residents.”
  • Real Estate Expertise: “We are thinking about expanding our residential services for next step housing for our graduates. Would like to speak to someone about what that process looks like and potential costs.”
  • Rockets tickets (qty: 2): “We need two Rockets tickets to add to our special date night live auction at the Soul to Soul Fiesta on May 18. Need notification by May 1 please.”
  • Texans tickets (qty: 2): “We need two Texans tickets to add to our special date night live auction at the Soul to Soul Fiesta on May 18. Need notification by May 1 please.”
  • Manila envelopes (qty: 100): “10” x 13″ – 100 Manila envelopes for mailing our Bel Inizio specific documents and grants. Need by May 5 please.”
  • Hosted activity for 6 women: “We need a professional to host a fun, 1-3 hour activity for 6 women. Ideas include yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cooking class, painting, etc. This will be an auction item at our Soul to Soul Fiesta on May 18. Need confirmation by May 1 please.”
  • Used leaf blower: “We would love a used leaf blower with extension cord to help us maintain our porches, awnings and flowerbeds.”
  • 6-ft stainless steel work table: “We would love to have a $375 stainless steel work table for volunteers to use when bagging rice and beans for our Food Pantry.”
  • Plastic clip board for food pantry (qty: 24): “Plastic, cleanable clip boards for use in weekly food distributions.”
  • Handyman to do odd jobs in office: “We have several “honey-do” projects inside the office, including replacing ceiling tiles, blowing off awnings, gluing down floor threshold, and adding concrete “feet” to two benches. ECHOS will cover all expenses, just need the helper(s).”
  • iPad: “We are in need of an iPad for our second office location. Any size and age is perfect!”
  • Purifying heater/fan (qty: 2): “We are in need of a heating/cooling fan for our offices (ex: Dyson Pure Hot and Cool).”
  • Carpenter: “We could use a carpenter to help make a small cart that we can use to move in and out of our offices and for extra storage.”
  • Consultant: “To help us create a strategic plan to grow our board of directors.”
  • Groceries for staff retreat in June: “We’re having a staff retreat in June and we’d like to take groceries. Eggs, breakfast links, chicken salad, chicken kabobs, salads, veggies.”
  • Games for groups (qty: 4): “Fun, family-oriented group or board games to play with staff for June Retreat.”
  • Raffle prizes for teen girls (qty: 10): “A variety of raffle prizes for teen girls that include – beginner’s art set, sketchbooks, wireless earbuds, age appropriate books, new backpack, etc.”
  • Bookkeeper with knowledge of QuickBooks Online: “We need a pro-bono or low cost bookkeeper to assist with our finances and inputting our receipts.”
  • HLAC business sign: “HLAC updated the branding and logo in 2021 but we haven’t switched out the sign that is hanging over the front door of our office. The logo and graphics are drafted. We are seeking a pro-bono service to provide the sign.”
  • HLAC tri-fold brochures (qty: 200): “HLAC hands out brochures on a consistent basis to help connect people to our services. The brochures are already drafted and ready for print. We are seeking a pro-bono printing service to print 200 or more brochures.”
  • Bible (qty: 100): “When clients are receptive to the gospel, we offer to pray with them and guide them in next steps towards their faith in Christ. We would love to give them a Bible to start their faith journey.”
  • Website and/or software management: “We are looking for someone who can provide approximately 5-10 hours per month to manage and update the HLAC website and software platforms. This service could be provided by a committed volunteer or we are willing to pay a practical but fair fee.”
  • 2″x4″x8′ wood boards (qty: 12): “Village Heights and HWR are updating HWR’s warehouse to better use the space in order to welcome more refugees in each month. This will be used to create a better space to store brooms for refugees. We will need these items no later than May 12th.”
  • 1″x4″x8′ wood boards (qty: 15): “Village Heights and HWR are updating HWR’s warehouse to better use the space in order to welcome more refugees in each month. The will be used to create a better space to store backpacks for refugees. We will need these items no later than May 12th.”
  • Heavy duty paper cutter: “Martin Yale 724 (or similar brand) Premier StackCut Heavy-Duty Paper Trimmer, Table Size 18-1/2″ x 24″, Permanent 1/2″ Grid – This will be used to cut our material for our Community Education program!”
  • Photographer for headshots: “I would love for a photographer that would be willing to donate their time and services to do headshots for our team of 8 for our website/email signature/etc.”
  • Branded table covering: “We would like a branded tablecloth to use for events and fundraisers”
  • Portable branded tent: “Branded tent/canopy for events.”
  • Branded wrist bands (qty: 900): “Wristbands pink, purple, and red for goodie bags and event promotional items.”
  • Fundraiser expert: “Fundraiser expert to help with strategy for upcoming events.”
  • Outdoor digital church sign: “We need an outdoor digital church sign for our new community center, to advertise the programs of the day. At least 40″ x 16″.”
  • Items for silent auction (qty: 30): “Right of Way Industry Professionals is hosting its annual Dan Ewing Memorial Golf Tournament on May 5. This year’s beneficiary is Neighbors in Action. We are looking for silent auction items such as gift baskets, tools, spa certificates, weekend getaways, etc. 100% of proceeds will go to Neighbors in action.”
  • Church projector: “A projector with a viewable screen size of up to 150 inches.”
  • Pro-bono photographer (qty: 3): “We would like to have a pro bono photographer take pictures of our different programs (at least three different days).”
  • PC desktop (qty: 2): “In need of a desktop computer. Preferably a 7th generation Intel Core i3 processor 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD.”
  • Storage unit: “The unit would need to be near/within the 77074 zip code to store lesser used items.”
  • Space planner: “We need someone to help us with the layout of our new office space.”
  • General contractor: “We need help renovating our new space.”
  • Children’s books (qty: 25): “In need of children’s books to read for the summer.”
  • Flat screen TV (qty: 2): “Needing flat screen TV’s for classrooms in the summer.”
  • Board games (qty: 5): “In need of board games for students to play over the summer months.”
  • Book publishing: “We have a children’s book that we would like to be published.”
  • Cases of bottled water (qty: 30): “We go through about 15 cases per week. This is an ongoing need.”
  • Twin sheets (qty: 50): “Our intake has increased, typically our residents take the linen with them when they exit.”
  • Used cell phones (qty: 20): “
    Our Senior Ladies are in need of cell phones (used is fine) to contact family members, etc.”
  • Twin blankets/comforters (qty: 50): “Typically when residents leave the mission they take the blankets, etc. with them.”
  • Workout and sports gear/equipment (qty: 25): “Any kind of “Work-out and Sports” Gear/ Equipment would be greatly appreciated to assist our Juvenile Justice ministry director in facilitating small group and one on one meetings with our youth.”
  • Video game controllers (Xbox 1 & PS4): “Our Juvenile Justice ministry director is requesting controllers for the Xbox 1 and PS4 gaming systems. These controllers will be placed in the recreation room that our youth are able to participate in because of good behavior.”
  • Typhoon Texas and/or Pleasure Pier tickets (qty: 20): “Our Campus Life ministry director is in the midst of planning engaging activities for the summer to keep our youth occupied and surrounded by positivity. We would appreciate being able to provided tickets to our youth for a fun and refreshing, God-centered, summer outing.”
  • Staff or board planning retreat facilitator: “We would appreciate assistance with facilitating our next planning retreat with our board and staff members.”

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