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Getting Started

The Get Together began as a series of conversations between board members of The Gathering of Men and Barbara Elliott, President of the Center for Renewal in 2002. The Gathering was exploring ways to encourage service to Christ-centered ministries among their members.

After almost a year of discussions about the needs of grassroots, community based ministries and how business people could effectively come along side and serve them, a meeting was set up between several representatives of The Gathering of Men and Sylvia Bolling, Founder and Executive Director of Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. in July 2003.  In that meeting, Roger Wernette, Executive Director of The Gathering of Men, asked Sylvia, “Can you tell us what you need?”  Sylvia’s famous response has become the perspective of The Get Together.  She politely said, “Tell me what you got…because I can probably use it.”  A “Needs List” was developed along with a number of ideas on how this group of business men could meet them.

The Get Together now includes both business men and women in an effort to utilize their unique business skills, expertise and network to help over 40 Houston-area ministries.

Monthly Luncheons

Monthly meetings of The Get Together began in August 2003 with about a dozen business people meeting over lunch to discuss ways to meet Aldine Y.O.U.T.H.’s needs through their contacts with those who could offer expertise in a variety of fields and provide in-kind donations. Since then, The Get Together has expanded to 4 Chapters, each partnering with local nonprofits and engaging business people in their area of the city.


The Get Together Northwest launched as the first expansion Chapter in 2008, serving business people and ministries in Northwest Houston.  In 2013, The Get Together launched an additional Chapter in the Bay Area and in 2017, The Get Together Brenham was launched.

Through the Get Together network, over $5.5 million of in-kind donations of goods and professional services have been provided to ministries across the Greater Houston area. In addition, over 17,000 hours of volunteer service has been given to these ministries.