One Phone Call Changes a Life

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After having spent 20 years in prison…….at that point in my life, (only 8 months out of prison), I was extremely fragile mentally….more than you could ever imagine.  Frustrations were building everyday, and the old car I had was sucking the money Open Door Mission was paying me right out of my wallet.  I was about to take a bad fall, and could have easily gone down a path of no return (back to prison) had you not made that call to your friend at Texas State Bank.

 Your phone call, your push for that car loan, is what saved me from self-destruction.  It was because of that new car that I found self-esteem / confidence / pride.  That new car made me feel like I was somebody and I had a whole new perspective on my future because of that car.  That 2008 Dodge changed EVERYTHING !!!  It made feel whole again!  It made me feel like a man!  I was given a chance to be responsible, something to take care of, something to pay a monthly fee on, and something to make my life much better than it was or could have become.

 What you did for me in 2008 still impacts my life today, my wife’s life, my family’s life, my job, my success.  I drive a 2012 car because of the 2008 car you helped me to get.  So easily you could have told Curtis Lovett “NO”, but you didn’t.  And I am the man I am today because of your act of kindness.


Tim Lloyd

Paul would tell you that all he did was make a phone call.  But that one phone call changed a man’s life.  Won’t you join us at our next Get Together Luncheon?  Find out how the little things you do in your business every day can be the thing that changes a life.

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