The Joy and Pleasure of Serving

Posted on Nov 11, 2011 in News |

When Lisa Jackson’s small group at church invited her to help stock the kitchen of Gracewood’s newly remodeled Wanda Lane cottage, she was shocked to find that the ministry was only blocks from her home.

“I was amazed that we lived only walking distance away and never knew Gracewood was right in our back yard,” said Lisa.

When Lisa heard of a need for weekly Thursday night meals, she recognized it as a perfect opportunity to serve and quickly volunteered.

“Each one of us is only a step away from needing a place like Gracewood, and it is my joy and pleasure to do what I can to help these women change their lives,” said Lisa.

Since February, Lisa has made weekly meals, most of the time from scratch, for the women of Gracewood’s Wanda Lane campus to enjoy on the evenings they participate in group classes.

“It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the children living at Gracewood.  They have quickly become my inspiration to serve; and I look forward to seeing their smiling faces each week,” said Lisa.

Lisa has also quickly become an inspiration to the mothers of Gracewood as well, who have requested that she host a cooking night at Gracewood, teaching the women how to make her most popular recipes.

“I keep telling Lisa that I want to video tape her cooking,” said Gracewood mom Sylvia.  “I want to learn to cook like her.”

Of course, Lisa won’t take all the credit, she is also very thankful for her small group from Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church*, who are always happy to fill in when Lisa is out of town.

“My daughter (who often helps Lisa drop off meals) and I have been so blessed by this ministry.  The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and the women are obviously hard working,” said Lisa.  “They are always so appreciative and always meet us at the door to help put together the meals.”

“It is volunteers like Lisa who are the heart and soul of Gracewood, mentoring and encouraging the women in their pursuit of life-long change,” said Debbie Rippstein, executive director of Gracewood.

 *Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church was introduced to Gracewood through The Get Together.  CEPC’s members have served Gracewood on multiple occasions.

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