Thanksgiving Blessings in Abundance

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Barbara Irving, Executive Director of Project LIFT and Veterans – Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless Veterans

The Holidays are a busy time for those in ministry.  At Thanksgiving in particular, there is always a huge need for turkeys and all the trimmings for the many Thanksgiving outreach events conducted by our Get Together Partner Ministries.  Not only do these events provide a meal for those who might otherwise go hungry, but they also provide an opportunity for ministry staff and volunteers to build deeper relationships with those in their community and identify ways to minister them in a holistic way – body, mind and spirit.

Project LIFT hosts an Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for homeless veterans.  Typically, businesses, individuals and grocery stores provide the food that is needed for the dinner.  This year, that was not the case. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Barbara Irving, Executive Director of Project LIFT, reported that they had not received a single donation for the dinner and may be forced to cancel it.  A notice was sent out to The Get Together Partner Ministries asking if anyone had any surplus turkeys.  Within 5 minutes, this happened….

This is truly a Thanksgiving Praise Report.   As you know, we were down to the wire and had not received any of the commitments made for turkeys, food or donations to purchase the food for the Annual Homeless Veterans’ Thanksgiving Dinner.  I received a call with the blessing of 10 turkeys available from the Aldine Community Transformation Center.    But, that’s not all!  I mentioned to Aldine CTC COO, Shawna Roy that we were getting a $100.00 donation and that we would use it to purchase the rest of our grocery list. Shawna immediately said, “bring your grocery list and pick everything you need from our pantry” and use your donation to get what is left.  My Lord in heaven is so merciful!  We left Aldine CTC with 11 turkeys, all the mashed potatoes we needed, a GINORMOUS KONG SIZE container of already cooked and crumbled corn bread for our dressing, all the green beans and corn we needed, gravy mix, all the aluminum pans we needed, rice, hugs and love.  We cried all the way down the freeway because once again God had shown up and showed out.  But, that’s not all!  Our $100.00 donation turned into $150 and we were told to make it nice.  We were able to get 300 lovely butter dinner rolls, lots of cranberry sauce, celery, onions, foil, brown sugar, vanilla, seasonings, sweet potatoes and all the other ancillary things to make the dinner truly delicious.  We had enough left in our budget to get some paper turkeys from Dollar General.  Thank you for being an amazing blessing and to Sylvia and Shawna, may God continue to shine on you and richly bless you beyond measure.  I might add that He is truly blessing Aldine and I will never forget this Thanksgiving.  We are so grateful as are the veterans.  Lastly, one of our clients  called this afternoon to let us know that her apartment had been infected with bed bugs and all of her belongings were being destroyed.  She and her three children  were moving into her sister’s 2-bedroom apartment until she found another place.  This brought the total adults to 2 and children to 6.  She wanted me to know that they did not have a meat for Thanksgiving.  Guest what?  We blessed her with one of the turkeys and the trimmings.  – Barbara Irving, Executive Director – Project LIFT

For all of us involved in The Get Together, we continued to be blessed by how our Partner Ministries share resources with each other.

God had HIS way on all of this.  Turkeys rained down from heaven right at the exact time that we received word about Project LIFT’s need. We were so pleased to be able to serve as the “pass through” from  Him to them.  As Shawna said, we were happy to share the other items also.  Makes no sense to hold on to something when someone else is in need to do the work of the Lord.  God owns many , many, many more cans of corn, beans, and everything we need and we have faith that He will provide for our pantry in the future. – Sylvia Bolling, Executive Director, Aldine Community Transformation Center
And if that was not enough, here is the rest of the story:
As Project LIFT staff and volunteers visited with the veterans during the Thanksgiving Dinner, they were able to do an assessment to help these men and women who have served our country find the resources that would move them out of homelessness.  Pictured below are formerly homeless veterans who now have housing.  Furnishings were provided to a Get Together donor.

Veterans receive housing and furnishings through Project LIFT and The Get Together.

 Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!
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