Service Comes Full Circle

Posted on Apr 15, 2010 in Met Needs, News, Testimonials |

Memorial High School Freshman, Anna Pendergrass wanted to plan her 15th birthday celebration in a way that gave back to others.  Instead of her friends bringing birthday presents for HER, she asked that they participate in the Birthday Bag Project for the children at Mission Centers of Houston.  Participants in the Birthday Bag Project fill a gift bag with a birthday present and everything needed for a birthday party (cake mix & pan, candles, paper goods, balloons) for children served by MCH whose family may not be able to provide a birthday celebration for them.  Anna’s friends had great fun shopping together at Target to make a birthday bag.

Anna heard about the Birthday Bag project at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church, where members of The Get Together have been active in getting people involved in serving.

Anna’s mom, Juli said, “When we heard about birthday bags, we decided this would be a great fit for her party and a great cause.  I was also excited to give something to the Missions Centers.  I was a “Critter” (summer missionary) under Mildred McWhorter (founder of MCH) in the summer of 1982.”

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