Prayer Requests

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Please join us in praying for The Get Together and our Partner Ministries. 


Casa El Buen Samaritano

  • Please pray for those we serve
    • Pray that God would send the spiritually hungry to Casa El Buen Samaritano.
    • Pray that God would open hearts to accept Christ as Savior.
    • Pray for good follow-up relationships with those who accept Christ.
  • Please pray for our volunteers and staff
    • Pray that God would bless and protect them.
    • Pray that God would provide more volunteers.
  • Please pray for our Board members
    • Pray that God would give them wisdom and they will follow God’s leading.
  • Please pray for our finances
    • Pray that God would provide for our financial needs.
    • Pray that God would bless our financial supporters.


  • Pray for staff working to teach good parenting skills to stressed-out moms
  • Pray for Gracewood’s expansion plans. We have purchased the 2-½ acre property adjoining our Elmview campus. Pray that God will grant wisdom and direction as we clear the property, raise the necessary funds and begin building.       Pray that God will lead and increase our ability to provide home, hope and healing to families headed by single moms who have experienced a life crisis.

Mission of Yahweh

  • Pray for God’s spirit to move in the hearts of the women and children residents, for our neighbors and our staff.
  • Praise – for our newly relocated and renovated Kitchen & Dining room and our new laundry facility!
  • Pray for the GT partner ministries and the professionals and their businesses. 

A Source for Women

  • Please pray for the continued healing of our clients, choosing life for their baby is one thing, but please cover in prayer the strength of each of our clients to utilize our program to the fullest, to then break ugly cycles of poverty, abuse and immaturity as they build their families.
  • Please pray for our Donor Website to launch soon and without complication.
  • Please pray for our reimbursable income through Medicaid to launch now.
  • Pray for 38K dollars to redo all of our computers for all 3 of our centers.
  • Pray for more volunteers to come and that we will have more than one for each day.
  • Pray for the ultrasound tech we do not have a tech here at The Northeast both Spring Branch and Galleria have a tech
  • Pray for our clients that they will be truthful in answering our questions and that they give the right phone numbers that we can follow up or if there is an emergency this is just a small report.

Mission Centers of Houston

  • Pray for our ability and effectiveness in doing our ministry as our staff is extremely short-handed right now.
  • Pray for our search for a new Executive Director, an Assistant Director at the Joy Center, and an Administrative Assistant for our office.

A 2nd Cup

  • Praying that God would provide the right people for hiring – particularly the manager positions, as they will take over a lot of my roles while I am out on maternity.
  • Timing – our timeframe for building out our space is slated to end when I am due to have a baby.  We need prayer that God will provide wisdom on when/how we should open, given that I will be out of commission for several weeks when it seems like I would need to be hiring and training our future staff.
  • Finances – We are going to be starting a fundraising campaign to raise our last $100K before we open. Prayers that this final fundraising push would fulfill all of our financial needs.

The Get Together

  • Ask God to help us identify and select his choice for Partner Ministries for 2015-2016.
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