Our Baseball Blessing

Posted on Feb 6, 2012 in Met Needs, News, Testimonials |

Submitted by Shawna Roy, Director of Operations – Aldine YOUTH

With spring approaching, our youth program staff met  to discuss new programs and activities that we wanted to implement for the low-income youth that we serve. Since there are no organized sports in our community, we talked about expanding our activities to include baseball and/or softball. The staff got so excited talking about it and even quickly brainstormed on ideas of how the games should be structured and how it would fit into our schedule of activities. Unfortunately, the excitement in everyone’s voices quickly diminished when we realized that there was one major problem with our plan…we had no baseball equipment and, as usual, didn’t have the funds in our budget to purchase any.

So, that fast, our conversation ended with “…it would be so nice, but we’ll just come up with something else”. The staff went on to preparing for their day as normal and I got busy with a couple of other tasks. By the time I got back to my desk (which was about 2 hours later), I had several emails waiting, but one in particular caught my attention right away. The subject was “baseball items”…could it be???

I opened the email and couldn’t believe it! Through The Get Together, we received a message that Mission Centers of Houston had baseball equipment to donate. There were balls, gloves, helmets, bats, leg and chest pads, a base set, and more. Everything that we needed to get started playing baseball was there!!! I was so worried that someone else might have already claimed the items, so I said my quick little “please Lord” prayer, and waited for a response. Yes we could have it!!! I ran and told the staff and they were amazed, once again, at how God so often performs these little miracles that we recognize as just that.

Sometimes, the needs seem endless, especially when our desires and our means are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but we know that God always provides. Aldine YOUTH truly appreciates The Get Together for being such an important part of our journey to making a difference in the lives of our youth and families. We received a true Baseball blessing that day – so baseball, softball, and tee-ball…here we come!!!

Thanks again!

The Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. Staff

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