“Miss, what am I supposed to put my clothes in?”

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Some of you know that we are taking our preteens and teens to camp on July 16.  We’ve found donors for scholarships and hygiene items but just yesterday discovered a new need.  Our kids don’t own luggage or duffle bags.  2 questions came from kids yesterday.  “Miss, what am I supposed to put my clothes in?”  and “Do I have to bring 3 changes of clothes?”  The last question was from a kid who is the epitome of inner city poverty.  He often doesn’t have shoes or food.  He certainly doesn’t have 3 changes of clothes.

So….here’s the need:  we need 75 duffel bags.  They don’t have to be new, they don’t have to match…they can have some company’s logo on them…we just need bags for our kids.   We need them in-hand by Thursday, July 8 so we can pass them out to kids to pack in for the following week.

Ginger Smith, Executive Director

Mission Centers of Houston


Mission Centers of Houston

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