“Miss, What Am I Supposed to Put My Clothes in?” Part 2

Posted on Jul 28, 2010 in Met Needs, News, Testimonials |

In June, while telling the kids they serve what they would need to bring for camp, the staff of Mission Centers of Houston was faced with the fact that these inner city kids didn’t have suitcases, duffle bags, backpacks or ANYTHING in which to pack their clothes.  A call went out through the GT network and within about 10 minutes Kenny Waldt from Frost Bank called and said that Frost would provide 75 backpacks for the MCH kids!

Here’s a re-cap of the camp experience from MCH Executive Director, Ginger Smith:

In July, MCH will took 46 preteens and teens from Houston’s inner city to Trinity Pines for a weekend of Bible study, spiritual development, building relationships and an experience in the country! The theme for camp was “Souled Out.” The youth played basketball, soccer, volleyball, watersports and had several small group sessions geared toward spiritual growth. The sessions taught them spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible study. Additionally, they learned about being Christ-like in their relationships and being young women and men of integrity. They also learned about God’s forgiveness. Larry Mayberry, youth pastor at Memorial Drive Baptist Church, along with the band, Breezeway, led each worship session.
This was just an incredible weekend for our youth. One young man saw stars in the sky for the first time! (You can’t see those in the city!). Most of the youth had never been to camp before. This weekend was filled with “new” experiences; many of which will prove to be life-changing.
Generous donors provided the camp fee, Bible study materials, t-shirts, backpacks and snacks for the youth. To our donors, “Thank You for providing a life-changing opportunity for a student!”
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