Love. Trust. Self Reliance.

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I love everyone I work with.  They are my family.

I love everyone I work with. They are my family.

Nothing stops a bullet like a job. – an impactful statement illustrated by the story of Houston’s Third Ward. 
Generation One nonprofit Executive Director, Mike Malkemes, “There are several factors that create an environment of unemployment and destitution: girls having babies at a young age, a lack of discipline and instruction from adults, broken families that lead to broken education systems, crime, gangs, and drugs. But at Generation One there is hope, and once you have the power of hope, you have the chance of overcoming generational poverty.”

Committed to spiritual growth and the physical rebuilding of impoverished areas of the Third Ward, Generation One directs a tremendous amount of time, love, and education towards the youth in the community, and works hard to improve the overall quality of life for community residents. Through Generation One Academy, employment opportunities with Generation One Print Shop and the recent addition of Generation One Embroidery, Third Ward families are becoming self reliant and they are breaking the cycle of poverty.

Mike Malkemes,“Love x Time = Trust, and trust builds the bridge to hope that leads to self reliance.”

Love came in abundance to Generation One when The Get Together Ambassador, Peary Perry, heard of Generation One’s need for an embroidery machine. The Get Together is a nonprofit that engages business people in serving Christ-centered ministries by holding monthly luncheons and coming up with creative solutions to meet their needs. Peary thought, “Who is going to have an embroidery machine lying around being unused?” That following Sunday Peary “happened” to strike up a conversation with a gentleman sitting next to him at church. “What do you do for a living?” Peary asked. The gentleman replied, “I owned and operated an embroidery business for 30 years.”  …..[smile, God is Good!]

This month, Generation One Embroidery will be receiving an embroidery machine all because of Peary’s decision to spend lunch, an hour of his time with The Get Together, to listen and remember a nonprofit ministry’s need. Eighteen-year-old Myeesha Gibson, Generation One student and now embroidery shop employee, “I am so grateful to be a part of Generation One. I love everyone I work with, they are my family, especially Ms. Veronica [a 40 year old ex drug addict and former prostitute]. Ms. Veronica, “Generation One has given me a life to be proud of, to learn about God and share his Word, to help me take care of my babies.”

Peary, “Before attending The Get Together lunch meetings, I’ve thought, ‘How effective can I be?’…then I remember a quote near to my heart, ‘On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to wait, and waiting—died!’”

Don’t wait to help another in need.  The time is now. Join The Get Together for lunch, just an hour of your time, to share the gifts that God has equipped you with, whether that includes a particular professional expertise, network of contacts, entrepreneurial or life experience. People change communities and lives.  They bring hope. Will you be a part of our heart?  



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