Internship Opportunities for Young Adults

Posted on Jul 5, 2011 in News |


Do you remember your first “real job?” Not babysitting for a family friend, not mowing the yard for Mrs. Johnson, but an honest to goodness, punch the clock, report to a manager, wear a uniform job!  You had to learn how to operate a register, file reports, take inventory, place orders, but you also learned how to be on time, work under authority, and get along with peers.  Those are the milestones that kids hear about from parents and grandparents that build character and pride in hard work.

Many young adults from Third Ward have never had a “real job,” and they need learning experiences to help them along their career path.  Agape Development is training 18-25 year old adults for healthy independence.  Part of the training includes an internship with real company in a “real job” environment.  We’re looking for opportunities for young adults to practice their life skills, learn from supervisors, and contribute to the company’s mission.  The internship is unpaid and consists of a full work day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, lasting two to four months, depending upon the progress of the intern.  The ideal internship offers work experiences suitable for a young adult, provides training to increase the marketability of the candidate, and is accessible by public transportation.  Examples of entry level internships include, but are not limited to cashier, mail room clerk, building maintenance, receptionist, restaurant hostess, teacher’s aide, etc.

If you have connections to businesses that could benefit from an internships partnership with Agape, please contact Kirk Craig at 713-658-1001 or



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