GT Member Helps Single Mom Develop a Business Plan

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Read the inspiring story about Rosie, a single mom who with her daughter, Andrea, lived for a time at Gracewood.  Get Together Member, JoeAnn Harrington,, recently worked with Rosie on developing a business plan for her Clown business.  JoeAnn commented that it was a blessing to work with Rosie, who had worked in the business she was trying to develop and was so prepared to put together a business plan.  We are pleased to report that Rosie and Andrea have completed their time at Gracewood and are now living on their own!


Send in The Clowns

Rosie Ramirez came to Houston from Mexico with her family 11 years ago to pursue the American Dream. After taking a job at a furniture store, Rosie met a girl who not only became her friend, but helped her figure out what she wanted that dream to look like — and it was wearing a clown costume.

Knowing she loved to sing and dance and bring a smile to the faces of children, Rosie and two of her friends quickly found themselves dressed as clowns, performing at children’s birthday parties and every Mexican event in the Houston area, developing an outstanding reputation within the Hispanic community.

Her journey in the entertainment industry lasted five years before she had her daughter, Andrea. She then switched jobs and began working as a nanny to provide for her daughter and give stability to her family.

In 2010, Rosie separated from Andrea’s father and found herself unable to make rent. She was referred to Gracewood by her long-time employer and Gracewood supporter Julie Stagner and came to live at Gracewood in October.

“Gracewood has not only given Andrea and me the opportunity to survive day to day, but is giving us time to build a bright future,” said Rosie.

With a fresh opportunity before her, Rosie returned to her true passion and once again began performing as a clown. While she still works as a nanny, she has rejoined her two partners to carry on the business of entertaining children.
Known as Las Munequitas Musicales (The Musical Clowns), the trio performed at Houston’s Fiesta Mart Christmas Posada and was offered a spot on a local Hispanic television station, pending sponsorship.

“The clown thing has a lot of potential; it’s not unusual to make $100 per hour doing it,” said Rosie. “It’s just a matter of saving and investing for equipment, a Web site, costumes and marketing.”

With Rosie working and saving every penny she makes, Gracewood has taken care of the essentials so she can take tangible steps towards the future.

“People don’t realize how much things like shampoo mean to a single mom,” said Rosie. “Gracewood is so much more than a shelter; they are providing my daughter and me with safety while I get my business off the ground. I feel safer at Gracewood than I did even in my own apartment.”

Aside from saving for her business, Rosie is also saving for an $800 application fee to become a U.S. citizen. But, as she and Andrea wait for the last pieces of the puzzle to fall into place, they are content at Gracewood.

“We feel loved here and have been given the gift of time to start over. We receive spiritual encouragement every day, motivating us to continue on our journey,” she said.

Currently, the clown trio is working towards creating and pitching a children’s show to Telemundo. They know that someday their trio may have to be adapted to a quartet for 5-year-old Andrea, who insists that she too wants to be a clown when she grows up.

Reprinted with permission from Gracewood.

Gracewood is an independent, Christian ministry that assists single-parent mothers and their children through residential group care, mentoring, financial planning, teaching, counseling and referral to valuable community resources. Gracewood’s focus is on long-term quality of life improvements, not on temporary solutions.



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