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Serving Hope at Village CafeI am not a restaurateur,” stated Sharon Proulx, Executive Director of Hope Village, “But I am excellent at serving the special needs of Hope Village residents.” Since 1970, Hope Village has provided quality, affordable residential and support services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Hope Village also provides opportunities for Village residents to learn job skills and interact with the public working at their on-site restaurant, Village Café.

Village Café provides employment opportunities in which the Villagers work as waiters, waitresses, and table cleaning helpers alongside community volunteers serving as hosts and hostesses. The Villager’s work at the restaurant builds self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of independence. While the Villagers love working, dining, and socializing at the café, Sharon knew there had to be ways to help the restaurant run more efficiently and make it more profitable. This is where John Amato, General Manager of Massa’s Restaurant, stepped in to help.

A close friend of John’s had attended a Get Together Bay Area luncheon and heard of Hope Village’s need for a restaurant consultant.  John’s friend reached out to him, to see if John could share his service industry knowledge and help Sharon with Village Café. Sharon and John now chat weekly.

Sharon is so grateful to The Get Together Bay Area for the introduction. “It was easy for me to make a quick visit to Village Café,” John said. “I was able to serve them by sharing my restaurant knowledge and quickly help implement both front and back of the house cost-saving strategies.”

Share your God-given gift – your professional expertise, network of contacts, entrepreneurial or life experience. Attend the next Get Together Bay Area luncheon on April 17 to see how you can change lives and instill hope.  One luncheon, once a month, twice the impact. How will you serve?


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