God’s Conduit

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Bill Thorne  & Peter CariccoI learned long ago that my friends and contacts can contribute in amounts and ways that I never could on my own.  I’m not a plumber, but I know some.  I’m not an accountant or an attorney, but I know some.  I do not have a room full of televisions, an extra computer, or a case of dental floss, but I have discovered that some of my contacts have most of those things and are willing to help when they are introduced to the need.  Our ministries have received far more from my contacts than they ever have from me personally.  I have had the opportunity to be God’s conduit.  My connections have become not just between my associates and ministries, but also a very pragmatic spiritual connection with God.Bill Thorne, Get Together Board Member

Let us show you how you can use your business expertise and networks to be a part of what God is doing in Houston!  Join us for our 2015 Kick-Off Luncheon, Wednesday, January 28, 11:30-1:00, Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

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