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As God put on my spirit who to honor at our Holiday Brunch, it wasn’t until they were selected and I wrote out my intro notes did I realize how often The Get Together and Get Together NW would be highlighted.  Thank you all so much for being the vessel through which the blessings flow from God. – Sylvia Bolling, Founder and Executive Director – Aldine YOUTH.

Excerpts from remarks made by Sylvia Bolling at Aldine YOUTH’s Holiday Brunch – December 2010:

Glenn Bauguss and Martha Turner – Martha Turner Properties. Members of The Get Together.  Has made financial donations to AY.  Met a special need a couple of months ago:  Pledged funds to support our part-time Youth and Family Counselor through May.  This gift is changing lives as Ms. Restivo is able to counsel with many youth, some on probation, and many families in our community.

Buddy and Becky Ellisor – Met them at a Get Together NW meeting, “The Day Before the Storm” – Hurricane Ike (read in my book, In Spite of).  They have made financial donations, donations to our resale shop, and blessed us by building our much needed van garage and recently our fence that encloses our new portable building in the back and our community garden.

David and Linda Toney – Toney Construction Company – Also met them at GTNW meeting.  They have made financial donations and their company came and replaced the back wall of our building which was quickly rotting away.  Their most recent HUGE blessing that they just completed is they enclosed our ramp at the back of the resale shop to make another room.  This room is now the donation Center, allowing Mary, our Resale Manager, to have an additional sales floor space.  This will add a positive financial blessing to us in increased sales.

Bill PagePhusion Creative -We met Bill Page – guess where?  The Get Together.  Bill’s heart is soaked in ministry and has dedicated his God given gifts of media and marketing into so many of our ministry partners.  When you visit our website and also on You Tube, you will see the wonderful work Bill has done for us, allowing us to let people know about our mission.  We thank Bill for coming to help us in so many ways.

Robin Tanner – Metropolitan Baptist Church has donated so many items to us throughout the years and also provided financial donations.  Another person we met through GTNW, Robin Tanner always has our needs in his heart the Church has truly made a positive difference.

John Montgomery – Fellowship of Christian Athletes – This past September, AY held our first golf tournament.  When the opportunity came about, I prayed to God and asked Him to please make it clear if we were to even try to have this event.  My phone rang and it was John Montgomery, a person that Paul McDonald (GT, again!!), had contacted and asked him to help us, considering John had 30 years of planning golf tournaments.  What a sign from God!!  Thanks to John walking with us and sharing his vast experience and knowledge, our tournament was a success.  We plan to have our next one on Nov. 7th, so please mark your calendars.

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