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Joe Lee is the Founder and Director of Pacto con Dios, a ministry in San Marcos that processes game to distribute through Christ-centered organizations feeding the hungry.  See Joe’s report below and how God is using Joe’s ministry and skills to bring people to Christ all around the world, including Get Together  and Hunters’ Harvest Partner Ministry, Victory Home.

Dear Intercessors:

I pray all is well with you and that you are living in the Joy of the Lord!

As you know, in recent weeks and months there have been several large scale catastrophes around the world stacked on top of our own American economic crunch, and sometimes we can be left wondering where God is in all of it.  Remember that as a Christian you are not of this world or of the things in it.   We are to be about the Lord’s business, focusing on His priorities. With all the wrangling between Republicans and Democrats, and all worries of bankers and stock brokers, whose opinions flood TV and radio these days, I really want to encourage you not let yourselves be tangled up in the midst of the confusion that swirls around us and which ultimately is of the enemy, but to do all things with His spirit as your guide and His Kingdom on you mind.

We have had a busy summer here with Pacto con Dios ministries.  As I wrote in my last e-mail, we processed almost 30k pounds of meat this spring and distributed it to needy places.  During the Summer we were able to lead a group of 22 from Alamo City Christian Fellowship to Guatemala with Paradise Bound ministries and built 4 houses and held 2 medical clinics that served over 500 needy people with medicine and medical attention.  We have just finished processing 12k pounds of meat and distributing it to 2 Victory Outreach Homes in Houston, TX.  The impact of the meat we have distributed is overwhelming.  I have heard back from many sources as to what a blessing it has been.  Talking with the men at Victory Outreach last week, their report was that they are able to serve our meat at least 2 times a day to all the men in their homes throughout the year.  They have learned to cook it in some delicious ways.  It reminds me of Bubba, in Forest Gump with the shrimp —  except with venison- venison casserole-venison steak-venison guisada-venison sausage-venison tamales-venison hamburgers… You get the picture.

I have received a report from Hobbs House of Hope Orphanage outside Nairobi, Kenya, and they tell me that the rabbits we helped them get started with a couple of years ago are multiplying like rabbits.  They have actually been able to hold schools and train other people in need of meat on how to raise rabbits and in some cases, to sell them breeder stock from their does and bucks.  Pastor Peter says they have taught schools, NGO’s, HIV orphanages, and farmers.  They are also selling the meat to hotels and restaurants, along with processing the hides for sale. On top of all this, they are still amply feeding the children and staff at the HHH.

Our friends at Paradise Bound ministries have just received a certificate from the Guatemalan government to open an orphanage.  They have the plans, have poured the foundation and have teams there now putting it all together.  The orphanage should be up and going by this spring.  We have been discussing with them for almost 2 years now about building a commercial rabbitry at their headquarters.  Not only would it feed all the children but would also be able to put small breeding operations in the homes of nearly 100 families each year.  The nutritional and spiritual benefit could be huge.  Please pray with us about this opportunity.  

I am going through a Bible study now called “Knowing Him”. It tells of how many times Jesus would come in and meet a need for someone, and then give them the Good News of Salvation through Himself.  Another focus of the study is about Jesus only doing what the Father instructed him.  That is what we are trying to do here.  Meet a need and then point to the One who can give Hope for the future.  Thank you for your prayers, and support in many ways.

May the Lord bless you today!

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all of these things shall be added unto you! Matthew 6: 33

Joe Lee

PS As the deer season kicks into high gear, so do our expenses, as we drive thousands of miles collecting venison and hog meat from ranches all over South Texas from now through February.  Thank-you for remembering Pacto in your giving – as the Lord leads and as you are able.  We especially appreciate your help during these very busy months!

Pacto con Dios Ministries

P.O. Box 1497

San Marcos TX 78667


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