Exciting things happened at last week’s GT Luncheon!

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Met Needs, News, Testimonials |

What a joy it was to watch God work through those attending the Get Together lunch yesterday! Of course many partner ministry needs are met every month at our lunch programs, but God’s hand was particularly obvious in some of the needs met yesterday.

· Generation One asked for a 15-thread Highland Embroidery machine – and someone sitting not 10 feet from them at the next table had one for them!
· Casa El Buen Samaritano needed an EKG machine – they asked for one – and someone had a lead for three of them!
· Generation One needed a group of tickets to Schlitterbahn and, low and behold, the group events director for the Schlitterbahn was there as a 1st-time guest and agreed to supply the needed tickets!

All I could think was ‘praise our gracious and loving God’! What a blessing for all those present to see Him meeting the needs of His people!

Best regards,


Steven R. Biegel
Executive Vice President
Branch Manager


Did you miss the March meeting? Take a look at the Ministry Needs List here. What do you have? What do you know? WHO do you know who could meet one of these needs?

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