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Merry Christmas from The Get Together!  2010 has been a year of blessing and growth for our ministry.  As we worked hard to fulfill our mission of providing ways for business people to serve the Christ-centered ministries in our city, we have seen God move to meet the needs of the poor in mighty and miraculous ways.  Here are a few examples:

  • Food for the hungry – 22,000 lbs. of meat was donated by hunters through our Hunters’ Harvest committee, providing 88,000 meals.  An additional $21,000 in food was donated through the networks of Get Together members.
  • Eye exams and new glasses for 110 people – $16,500.
  • Clothing and toiletry items for the homeless – $3,403.
  • Car to provide transportation for a man re-entering the workforce – $1,500.
  • Activities and supplies for inner city kids, including backpacks, soccer shirts, 240 Birthday Bags, mentors and tutors – $17,871.
  • Classes and mentoring for adults – money management, mock interviews, Bible study.
  • Professional services and consulting for ministries – accounting, construction, retreat speakers, donor software, commercial kitchen, video.

But that is only PART of the story.  Through our efforts which God has blessed, we were able to INVOLVE 99 business people, 33 businesses and organizations and five churches to meet 511 ministry needs valued at $232,434. In addition, 966 hours of professional consulting and volunteer service were provided to these organizations in 2010.

Get Together Northwest completed its’ second season and mobilized over 94 business people, businesses and churches to meet 100+ ministry needs valued at $66,000.

Hunters’ Harvest has generated over 22,000 pounds of game meat for area ministries in the first 10 months of 2010, bringing our total to 108,000 pounds since 2005.

As you know, The Get Together is not about FUNDRAISING for ministries.  It’s about getting people to use the way they are gifted for business – those contacts, problem-solving skills, and particular expertise, to serve.  In fact, only $63,000 (The Get Together budget for 2010) was spent to have an organizational structure in place that allowed over $200,000 in ministry needs to be met.   When goods, services and volunteer hours are taken into consideration, well over four times the dollar amount donated was generated to serve Christ-centered ministries in Houston.

At this time of year, many of you are considering your year-end giving opportunities. Please consider a year-end gift to The Get Together.  We need your help! We believe that God has called us to make disciples by leading men and women into inner city ministries. Please consider joining with us in this effort. Mail your check made payable to The Get Together, 4543 Post Oak Place, Suite 231, Houston, TX 77027 or give by credit card at TheGetTogether.org.

Thank you for your investment in The Get Together.  Your gift enables us to help business people grow in their faith through serving and provides a way to meet the needs of those in need.

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