Did you know? Our primary purpose is NOT fundraising.

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At The Get Together, our principal goal is to connect businesses and professionals with non-profit leaders to work together to problem solve and meet the needs of our Partner Ministries.  We are able to make a considerable impact together over lunch once a month.

This results in an exclusive form of networking that builds immediate bonds with the people you’re working with.  We’re not just trading business cards.  We are intentionally engaged.  We don’t leave feeling empty, guilty or as if we’ve just wasted an hour of our time.  When we part ways we are feeling inspired, accomplished and most importantly, connected.  It’s a win/win.

Looking forward to connecting with you at a Get Together Luncheon in April:


April 3 Get Together Brazoria County

Pregnancy Help Center – Lake Jackson

April 10Get Together NW

Champion Forest Baptist Church – 1960 area

April 17Get Together Bay Area

Tad Akers – League City

April 30Get Together Central

The Barn*

Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church


– Tonya Frye, Executive Director

Get Together NW

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