Could You Survive Poverty Quiz

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 in News |

1. I can get by without a car.

2.  I know where the free medical clinics are.

3.  I know how to move to a new residence in half a day.

4. I know how to use a knife as scissors.

5.  I know which grocery stores’ garbage bins can be accessed for thrown-away food.

6.  I know which rummage sales have bag sales and when.

7.  I know how to get a gun, even if I have a police record.

8. I know how to live without a checking account.

9.  I know what to do when I don’t have the money to pay the bills.

10.  I know how to live without electricity and a phone.

– Taken from ProjectLIFT newsletter, March 2014

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