Boxes of Love Provides Thanksgiving Meals for 800 Families

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Since 2010, Get Together members and their families have participated in Boxes of Love, an annual Thanksgiving outreach spearheaded by GT members Scott Brown and Tony Mayer.  What started out as a modest effort to feed 100 families, this annual outpouring of food, love and fellowship fed 800 families served by 17 ministries in Harris and Brazoria Counties.

Here is an inspiring testimony from the key Kroger Employee who helped process the food order for Boxes of Love:

“I will be more than happy to help you next year on your order, I always volunteer to do it. I had to make sure the order was right because this was for families. I would also want to volunteer myself next year to help you in anything you need done. I would also ask if you have any pictures of the event you could send to me to show everybody what you are doing.

I admire what you guys are doing for all these people you are feeding. Years ago my mom could not make ends meet for thanksgiving when me and my brother were only 6 and 4 years old and were close to not having a dinner but she found a place like this that help families in need. I remember carrying the turkey that was so big that I had to wrap my hands around it and I carried it all the way home. Many thanks to you and everybody helping out, I was in that position and to help 800 families is truly a blessing.” 

Thank you to the 100 volunteers who helped assemble and distribute these Boxes of Love.



Pictured:  Mission of Yahweh Executive Director, Rick Hill with an 87 year old widow and her family who received one of the Boxes of Love.

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