A Violin for Jesse

Posted on Oct 11, 2010 in Met Needs, News, Testimonials | 2 comments

Mission Centers of HoustonFor several years, Get Together Board members, Frank & Sandy Kampe, have served as coordinators for the Birthday Bag Project at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Children served by Mission Centers of Houston are presented with a bag complete with gift and everything needed for a party – cake mix, balloons, paper goods, etc.

Many times, those providing the bag will have a “wish list” from the child to help them in purchasing a birthday gift.  Recently, an unusual request came in from Jesse.  He asked for a violin.  Jesse wanted to learn to play the violin at school, but his family could not afford to buy him an instrument.

When Sandy Kampe received this request, she was so touched that an 8 year old boy would ask for a violin rather than a toy.  Since this was an unusual and rather costly request, Sandy and Frank decided that they would provide this particular gift.

Not knowing how to go about purchasing a violin for a young boy, Sandy consulted a violinist in her church named Ashley to get some advice.  Ten minutes after Sandy asked Ashley about this, Ashley had found a violin in good condition that was just the right size for an 8 year old on the internet and asked if SHE could provide the birthday bag and this special gift!

As you can see from the picture, Jesse was delighted to receive a violin.

What a wonderful testimony of God’s provision through his people!  Open hearts connected with expertise given by God equals one happy boy!

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