A New Perspective on an Astros Game

Posted on Sep 16, 2010 in News |

Sandy Schultz, Executive Director of The WorkFaith Connection writes:

Wanted to share a cool story with you.  A couple of weeks ago John Kafka’s office contacted us to offer us 100 tickets to the Astros baseball game that was tonight.   We came up with a way to make them available to our graduates (first come, first served) and allowed them to get enough tickets to take their children (and spouse/significant other.)

Matt (Killian) and I were able to join them, and the treat was all ours!  Seeing Minute Maid Park and the thrill of being at a professional baseball game, through their eyes was a blessing to us.  The atmosphere at Minute Maid is fun, and they were soaking all of it in.  Very few bought anything from the concession stands (pricing, I’m sure) but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the experience to the max.

It never occurred to me that most of our graduates (and families) who were able to attend tonight as a result of these 100 free tickets had never been inside Minute Maid Park before.  Because the game attendance was very low, they were able to move to better seats.  To top it off, The Astros won, 3-2!!!

What resources do you have that could benefit others?  Connecting resources to needs…that’s what The Get Together is all about!

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