A meeting, a problem, an idea, a solution!

Posted on Aug 19, 2010 in News |

Never underestimate the power of business people coming together to solve a problem.

At a Get Together Meeting in 2005, several ministries had a problem.  They were feeding hungry people 3 meals a day and didn’t have meat or any protein source to serve.

Several business people who were hunters had an idea – donate their surplus game to these ministries.

Fast forward 5 years and see what came from that idea – a solutionHunters’ Harvest.  Hunters’ Harvest works with hunters across Texas to channel their surplus game to organizations feeding the hungry.  Since 2005, Hunters’ Harvest has collected in excess of 100,000 lbs. of meat for these ministries.

Pictured are men from Victory Home who received part of the 1,100 lbs. of game meat that was collected at this month’s Clean Out Your Freezer Day event.

And it all started at a Get Together meeting.  Business people gathered together to solve problems and share ideas translating into solution.

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